What inspires Me

I’ve always been very sporty and my Mum was a PE teacher, I started skiing when I was three, played football, rugby, basketball and cricket for school, and am a qualified snowboarding instructor – essentially, I’ve been into sports my entire life.


Then, when I went to University for 3 years, I fell into the trap of living a typical student life which included binge drinking, eating junk and generally not doing any exercise at all or looking after my heath and wellbeing.


When I left University, I felt awful. I completely lacked confidence, I wasn’t happy at all in my appearance and it was having a huge effect on my entire life. I wasn’t confident to go for a job interview, let a lone talk to girls, I was seriously unhappy and didn’t know what I wanted to with my life.


I’d had enough of feeling this way, and on Jan 1st 2011 – I set myself a New Years’ Resolution – to get myself into the best shape that I possibly could in 6 months.


I’m very competitive, so the good thing about going to the gym was that I was only competing against myself – I had to focus and get on with it. So, for the next 6 months, I turned up to the gym daily and focused on training. I lived and breathed the gym and that was it.


At the time it was great, I enjoyed doing it and got into great shape. When people started recognising how much I’d changed and began asking me how I’d done it, it was then that I realised I had a passion for fitness and decided to start a Personal Training course.


For a good 3 years, I have to admit, I lived a very regimented life. I followed a ver strict fitness regime, and to me that’s all I could see and all that was important. I had no social life and was very image conscious. Looking back now, I don’t regret living that way, because I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t, but now I like to live a way more balanced lifestyle.


It was my girlfriend Emily who opened my eyes to realising there was more to life. than the gym and what I looked like. And once I began to live a more balanced life, happened to be the same time I got the cover for Men’s Fitness Magazine – this proved to me that living a balanced life still means you can still be successful, and I found that having a more relatable body image to the general public was something I could easily maintain and balance alongside going out with my girlfriend and friends.


In amongst the huge high of securing a slot as Men’s Fitness Cover Model, I experienced an enormous low too. Sadly, my girlfriend Emily was involved in a tragic accident and passed away. And I have to say, in terms of what inspires me to keep going, it has to be this realisation that life really is too short to not live in balance, have fun and do something with your life that you’re truly passionate about. Things happen in life that are unexpected and you just have to pick yourself up and make the most of the time you have.


Everything you have can be taken away from you in an instant, but you have to keep moving forward. My training has helped me overcome that particular obstacle in my life, and my main way of dealing with it is helping others to lead a more active, fun, balanced, lifestyle and confident mindset.