Get Lean with Whey Protein

It is almost ironic that it has taken a growing epidemic in health related illnesses such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, for people to become more conscious about how important leading a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle is.

Nutrition is becoming one of the key topics of discussion these days’ and ‘Protein’ keeps popping up. Our entire body is made up of proteins, our skin, our hair, our nails, our cells and of-course our muscles, therefore it is important to nourish our bodies with good quality protein sources, especially if you partake in regular exercise. This is what frustrates me when people complain about their skin, hair and nail quality or why they can’t get rid of excess body-fat or build lean muscle, it is simply because they aren’t eating a protein rich, balanced, healthy and nutritious diet.

Let’s be real, we have to take care of our bodies, they are the only place we have to live and we can do this by simply eating healthier and being more active.

Did you know that whey protein, the bi-product of making cheese, features the highest biological value of any protein, meaning it is digested and absorbed more efficiently by the body than other proteins? In fact, a good quality whey protein such as ‘Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate’ packs a whopping 23g of protein per 25g scoop and less than 1g of fat and sugars. I use Myprotein ‘Impact Whey Isolate’ post-workout because it’s extremely fast absorbing and will promote lean muscle growth, repair and recovery; I also consume this through the dayto bump up my daily protein intake as and when required.

It can take up to 6-8 hours for solid food to pass through your stomach and small intestine in the digestion process, whilst ‘Impact Whey Isolate’ can take as little as 60-90 minutes, which is why it’s the perfect protein source for rapid muscle fuel and recovery after an intense workout. I mainly use ‘Impact Whey Isolate’ because it’s convenient, especially in the morning when I don’t have time to make a ‘whole-food’ breakfast, I can easily grab a scoop of tasty Vanilla ‘Impact Whey Isolate’, 100g frozen blueberries, a teaspoon of peanut butter, 300ml of Koko coconut milk and 50g whole rolled oats, pop it into my Nutri Ninja blender and be on my way within minutes with a delcious smoothie. This is both convenient and nutritious, bursting with a quality source of protein, healthy fats and balanced carbohydrates, guaranteed to fuel your morning and keep you feeling fuller for longer; far healthier in my opinion than an on the go stodgy croissant or McDonalds breakfast.

Obviously there are plenty more quality protein sources that I factor into my daily ‘BODY IN 8‘ meal plan such as chicken, lean steak and fish. But when it comes to breakfast and post-workout nutrition, you can’t go wrong with a good quality whey protein like ‘Impact Whey Isolate’.